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Welcome to our auction service. If you can’t find the vehicle you want in our stock, you can search for your vehicle through the Japanese Wholesale Vehicle Auctions. There are so many vehicles in the Japanese auto auctions. We can almost guarantee we can find you the car specification you are looking for.

We offer access to Japan-wide auctions (107 Auctions) and can arrange for inspections on all target units before the auction commences. Sometimes, our inspectors can call you from right beside the car.

In Japan, the auctions are held everyday except year end holidays and summer holiday weeks . carkade.com is the member of all kind of auctions all over the Japan. From Car auctions to Truck and bus auctions, Motorcycle auctions and even for Machinery auctions as well.

Once we set up the business and start the business relationship we will share the information of auctions and tenders with the business partners to make you to be easy to select and bid the car. We offer a ‘seamless purchasing experience’. We can handle all aspects of your vehicle/s, from auction bidding, inspection, through to shipping to your country, by container or RO/RO.

Auction sites

  • USS group auctions
  • CAA group auctions
  • JAA group auctions
  • JU group auctions
  • Toyota group auctions
  • Nissan group auctions
  • Honda group auctions
  • Aucnet ( covers USS, CAA, JU but not JAA & Toyota, Honda, Nissan )
  • AS-NET ( covers, JU, JAA, Aucnet, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, but not USS )
  • I-auc
  • Leasing car tender


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  • Gift permit guide


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  • Government permit vehicles
  • Gift permit vehicles


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